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What is a Hot Seat?

  • Millennial Entrepreneurs (Entrennials) get 60-mins of time from 2-3 high-profile mentors on their business goals, challenges and tragectories.
Why Should You Watch?
  • Get ideas from the the business experts that make millions in business sales each year
  • Obtain resource direction that the mentors suggest
  • Learn from the best on how to grow your business revenue and impact!

Accelerate Your Results

  • Simply by watching other entrepreneurs in their hot seats you will receive various benefits to improve your business. But don't take it from us...
The Hot Seat Mentors for Kenneth Choo!

Ben Baker


Branding Expert

Judy Hoberman

Radio Host
TedX Speaker
Business Coach

Yuri Kruman

Fortune 500 Professional Development Expert 


I simply would not be the person I am today if it were not for my “hot seat”. The closest thing I can equate it to is walking through a refining fire; you come out on the other side a completely different person. The energy and genius that is imparted through a hot seat is astonishing and priceless...

Shidiah Clark
Entrennial, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Being on the HOT SEAT would be one of the biggest milestones in my 3 years of entrepreneurial journey. There is no such platform out there where you get 3-mentors guiding you and giving you advice that totally gave me clarity. With their advice and the passion from the mentors, I can say that I could act on the advice that they gave me immediately. They are so sharp and concise with their advice. Having 3 different mentors from 3 different backgrounds and successful in their own niches is such a great opportunity and I would urge any entrepreneurs, business owners or new startups to get your HOT SEAT asap!
See you on the next HOT SEAT!

Kenneth Choo
EntrennialU member, Author of Mother Industrialist and Founder of KC Marketing

...when I had a hot seat... It opened my mind to new ideas and I was on fire after. Weeks later, I’m implementing and working more and more on how to build my business with the help and advice of my hot-seat session and peers. I would recommend a hot seat to anyone looking to stir ideas that may be ruminating in the brain, but need light. 

Cassandra Huidobro
Author, TedX Speaker, Diversity Consultant

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Currently workingon a business in business & marketing consultanting.  Looking to expand his reach and impact. 

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